My other open source projects can be found on my Sourcehut, Bitbucket and Github.


QJudge — an automated testing system tailored for problems with quantum circuit solutions.

QJudge allows you to prepare problems and accept solutions in the form of quantum circuits. It can be convenient for use in the initial courses of quantum programming when students do not yet have sufficient knowledge of quantum programming libraries.

The main page and solving a problem

You can read its short description and a presentation at QScience Days 2023 (video is here).

QJudge is open source and I currently run an instance on my server. Please feel free to ask me for an account to try it.


As you probably know from some other post in my blog, I like to play ChGK («What? Where? When?» game, something like team quiz, but it is more sport than entertainment). So, when in 2020 pandemia started and a lot of quarantines was enforced, I wrote this piece of software to continue playing and organizing ChGK via Discord.

You can find it here


Telegram bot to collect responses to a form defined in a Google Sheet. Basically, you create a spreadsheet with questions, start a bot and it collects answers from your users into that sheet. Development started at Internet Freedom Hackathon.

Sources and issue tracker are here.


Opinionated web frontend for taskwarrior. Written as a exercise in Purescript.

Sources and issue tracker are here.


Downloads articles from Arxiv and creates notes in org-roam. Exercise in Rust.

Sources and issue tracker are here